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Hello. My name is Grace Nkechi Okoro. I hold a Bachelor of Science degree in Systems and Computer Sciences from Howard University in Washington, DC, and a Master of Science in Communications degree from Syracuse University (Newhouse), New York. I have worked in the information technology, business and media sectors.  I am an avid reader who loves business, technology, fitness, literature, history, religion, and fashion.

I am a wife and mother of four children. I am a woman in her early forties who knows what it means to battle with the changes your body goes through, from child birth to sickness and injury. I know what it means to fight your way back through a daunting challenge. I have been a working professional, a student-mom, a stay-at-home mom and an entrepreneur. Sometimes I have worn a few of those hats simultaneously. I know how to fight, to be an under dog, and to win. I understand resilience. I am very conversant with hard work, and grit and commitment, and self-discipline.

I came to the United States many years ago, with only $25.00 in my pocket. I knew NOBODY in the United States at the time. Not a soul! I was young, full of hope and dreams of a brighter future. I arrived determined to work hard; and work hard I have.

God has been very good to me and has blessed me immeasurably. I am very thankful to God and my family and friends, and to this beautiful and mighty nation that I call home.

But truth be told, it has not been a smooth sailing journey. There have been some very difficult challenges along the way, and I have learned some invaluable lessons through those trials and tribulations. I am glad to say that I have triumphed over every single one of those battles. This is a statement of faith and gratitude to God. Not one of pride.

The knowledge I gained in those trials has strengthened me and equipped me to deal with whatever life throws or will throw my way. I am grateful for each and every lesson, for every opportunity to grow and develop, and to wholeheartedly pursue the assignment that God has given me. I can do ALL things through CHRIST who gives me strength (Philippians 4:13).

I am glad to have the privilege to share some of these lessons with you, to coach and support you, so that you can obtain your own victories, too.

I am a writer and speaker.

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I will be my joy to serve you. With love,


To help our clients and members live a life in which the spirit man is emphasized over the physical, in order to facilitate the attainment and retainment of important life goals.

When we invest in the enrichment and enhancement of the realest and truest part of our being (our spirit), then our physical world, the rest of our lives will also be enhanced. Our external fruit will always reflect the state of our spirit, of the inner man. 

Therefore, if we are to reliably and permanently improve our physical life, we must first improve our spiritual life.

My first role model is my mother, the first Mommy Supermodel that I know. She is a very strong, tenacious, resilient, loving, and kind woman of great wisdom. A mother of nine children (eight living), she is the matriarch of our family whose strong will and determination helped her overcome many of the challenges that life has thrown at her.

My mother grow up in a time, culture and family that didn’t recognize the value in educating girls; it was a waste of money, they believed. As a result my mother never saw the four walls of a classroom. Yet her inability to read or write never deterred her resolve to raise a successful family. Together with my dad, who himself had no education, they worked hard and made sure that all their children received a good education, and today all are thriving in their fields of endeavor.

My mother is the pillar of our family and over the seas, I have come to appreciate her wisdom, wit and good heart even more. Immigrating to the United States, pursuing my education and career, and having four children of my own have only deepened my love and respect for my mother, all that she taught us over the years, and realizing that some of the knowledge and wisdom she dispensed to her children are in sync with the messages I hear from very successful people, masters in their fields of endeavor.

I have learned from my mother that education is continuous and that if one is willing to learn and grow, then nothing can stop them. Education, smarts, is not learned in school, she used to say. She used to insist that one only receives a half of the education they need from school- life, our experiences and choices provide the other half.

I learned how to buy and sell, to run my own enterprise when I was aged six. I used to accompany her to the market and sell, even before I started school. She taught me how to make a profit from a business endeavor; how to serve my customers so that they will keep coming back; how to manage my accounts so that I am always abreast of what I have, what’s coming in and going out; and more importantly, how to keep my head up high and keep fighting especially on difficult days. My mom is a tough fighter, and even when things don’t go her way, she never quits. She always insisted that tomorrow portends better for the person who is always seeking and pushing hard for what they want.

I credit my mom for many good things that have happened in my life; and I honor her for the sacrifices she made for me and my siblings. We could never fully repay her. I love you mama!


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