Your life is your runway

We are a global community of women leaders who are focused on exploiting and maximizing the many opportunities that life presents us, or to create our unique opportunities, if what we want doesn’t exist. At Mommy Supermodel, we partner with you to help you become your own supermodel, to become a person that you admire, a person who is a role model in their family, community, workplace and in society at large.  Ours is a very supportive community whose main goal is the success and fulfillment of its members, and leaving a grand legacy for posterity.

Our slogan is: “Your Life is Your Runway!”. We believe that we’re all strutting our stuff, just like supermodels strut their stuff on fashion runways. But the distinction is that rather than model fashion clothes, a Mommy Supermodel struts her beliefs, hopes and dreams, and these aspirations can be seen in her life. You can tell what a Mommy Supermodel believes, by what she does. She lives by action, and on the runway of her life, she daily struts courage, strength, inspiration, leadership, visionary and innovative ideas, and bold action. Her life is her runway, and you can see what is important to her, on the runway of her life!

The name “Mommy Supermodel” is a play on words. We are not about fashion. Our mission is about modeling honorable character, about modeling good examples, to teach by example, the importance of the growth, maturity and strengthening of the human spirit. 

Mommy Supermodel is an exemplar, a woman whose price is far above rubies, a woman who is both a pillar of strength and wisdom in her household, her community, nation and the world. This woman invests the best of herself in others.  Children, generations, multitudes will arise and call her blessed! Future generations will be buoyed up by the works of a Mommy Supermodel, for she is an asset to her community, a rising tide that will help generations to soar, based on the solid foundation of the good works that she did. And her works will speak for themselves! Please note that you don’t have to be a mom to be a #Mommysupermodel!

About the founder

Hello. My name is Grace Nkechi Okoro-Akyeampong. I hold a Bachelor of Science degree in Systems and Computer Sciences from Howard University in Washington, DC, and a Master of Communications from Syracuse University’s Newhouse School of Public Communications, New York. I have worked in the Information Technology, Business, and Media sectors.

I’ve been blessed to have a wide array of professional and personal experiences that influence some of the work that we do at Mommy Supermodel, and I am glad to have the privilege to share some of these lessons with you, to inspire and support you, as you work to attain your own aspirations.

I am a writer, speaker, and soon-to-be author. I am also a wife and mother of four amazing children.

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I’m thrilled at the prosper of working with you as your create your own new world.

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