When a man’s feet follow his great thoughts, he succeeds. When his feet dare to go where his beautiful mind has already envisioned and traveled, he births marvelous things and creates new worlds. Man’s success is found where the two meet: great imaginations and great motion; great internal exploits accompanied by audacious external explorations.

You’ll only possess the land and conquer the worlds that you were bold enough to allow your mind to contemplate. Mission begins with vision. Conquest begins with contemplation. The man who roars in life, where other men can see and hear, already first roared within, where only he could hear it. And he liked what he heard. He liked it so much he thought it was worth showing off. He was sure enough of himself, that’s why he let the world to see and hear his internal creations. No one, not even the fool, willingly shows his weaknesses.

The creative and creating man is sure of himself, and what he’s seen within himself. Now, he confidently pulls back the curtain and reveals to the world, what great lion lurks within. Greatness lived is simply greatness reflected from the deepest most private parts of men. When you see a person’s greatness, that is them giving you a personal invitation to see who they are in their most private and intimate selves. It is them courageously being vulnerable before you and the rest of the world.

The people we call great, the giants of life whom we honor and celebrate, are those who exposed themselves and let the world into their inmost sanctum. They had the confidence to unveil themselves because they were confident that what they reveal will impress you. Whether it actually impresses you is besides the point. What matters is that they believed in themselves enough to expose their glory. Oftentimes, the exposing suffices; for sometimes, the world will pour in its own light and boost the average effort and push it up the ladder to superiority.

The uncelebrated are still moving in secrecy, hiding from the world, but mostly hiding from themselves. The world will see you in your full glory when you’re confident enough of your great worth and are willing to show it, in its fullness and majesty. Until then, you’ll be unsung because you’re unknown. And your obscurity is your own fault- you hid your soul and hid yourself.

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