Your life is your runway!

Your life is a runway of sorts, a display of all that you believe and trust in. Your life is a mirror image of your beliefs, a showcase of everything that your believe. Like supermodels on a fashion runway who model clothes, your life models your beliefs and your values. Your life is your central belief on display, laid out for everyone to see. You live out your values, beliefs, hopes, dreams and even your fears in your daily life. Therefore, we only need look at your life to know what you truly believe. No need to explain; words are unnecessary. Your life says all that there is.

You don’t have to wait till fashion week in New York, Milan or London to strut your stuff.

Everyday is fashion week. As you live your life, as you deal with and relate to others beginning at your home, you’re strutting your stuff: your beliefs, your values, your hopes and dreams. And of course, your character.

We do not have to wait for a human designer to tell us what is in season. We blessedly don’t have to deal with the vagaries of human imagination, and swing with the whims and caprices of people’s opinions and specious wisdom. We have the constant, ever fashionable and powerful word of God because God is the true designer of our lives.

His design studios, His fashion house, His instruments and tools are His perfect, inerrant and infallible word, the Bible.

We don’t have to wonder what He’s up to from season to season, because He is faithful and constant in all His ways, and we can trust Him. God never ever has a bad season. He doesn’t have a flop; His work and word are always in vogue and reliable.  If we trust Him and adorn ourselves with His word, we’ll always look and behave fashionably, just the way He wants us to do, clothed in wisdom and honor and love. And we’ll undoubtedly shine as the light of the world, like we’ve been called to do.

Then people would surely ask: “who/what are you wearing?”, as stars are often queried on the red carpet, the identity of the designer of the fine apparel that they are wearing. People will draw closer to us, to find out more about our lives because what we have is desirable and worth emulating. And then we can truly be of service to them, to serve our generation.

And all these would only have been possible because we allowed our hearts, soul and spirit to be ruled by the Master Designer Himself, who not only fashioned our days, but predestined the purposes for those days before even one of them were lived! Even before we were born!

Question for you: what is currently on display on your runway? Would you recommend it to someone you dearly loved?


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