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MINE YOUR TALENTS- A poem from Mommy Supermodel

Dig deep, dig hard, dig wide

Stretch long and lengthen your stride

Aim far and plow further down

Reach boldly for the gem that’s surely to be found

Hidden behind layers of hibernation, fear and doubt

Like a beautiful sunshine veiled by a dark cloud

Your genius, like a sleeping giant, daily yearns to be awaken

And mined for the august purposes it was fashioned

The excavation as perilous as rousing famed leviathan

Who, dormant for these ions, thrashes about when waken

Your genius you schooled to sleep in hibernating dormancy

Your disregard and idleness unwittingly spurned its complacency

Your duty now, to rouse him from this stupor and impotency

And like the sun concealed by the cloud, step out and shine in potent brilliancy


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